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The most valuable assets of any organization are its people. And your people, regardless of their position in your organization, face a variety of problems in their daily lives. Usually, we can all work them out. But sometimes our problems become too much for us to handle, and they affect our personal happiness, our family relations, our health ... and ultimately our on-the-job performance. Employee assistance programs are designed to address these problems. But in today's fast-paced and rapidly-changing environment, many organizations find that the typical approaches of the past provide limited success.

Intervention Strategies International, Inc. is redefining what employee assistance programs need to be as businesses enter the new millenium. Rather than wait until your employees have a problem, ISI's approach is to work as a partner with your business, in a proactive rather than reactionary manner. ISI is the result of over twenty years experience in developing successful programs that enable both individuals and their organizations to achieve personal and professional excellence. By introducing a variety of nontraditional corporate assistance services and comprehensive health-care cost containment programs, ISI is playing an integral role in increasing employee productivity and lowering health care costs.

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"Our goal is to maximize the potential of your people and create a work environment that encourages employees to be clear thinking, productive and loyally committed to the success of your corporation."

"Finally, a Breakthrough
in Employee Assistance Plans!"

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