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The following case scenarios offer examples of how Intervention Strategies International was able to have a substantial positive impact on the lives of three employees working for ISI clients:

"Our collaborative partnership with our existing clients has proven time and time again that our strategic blend of services can minimize risk factors, enhance performance, and improve operations. We have broken the pardigm and shown that the soft, fuzzy and grey stuff can actually create measurable, rewarding long-last results."

WEIGHT: Mrs. "R"

Mrs. "R" is a middle-aged female with a strong family history of diabetes. She reports that her mother and sister both experienced an amputation due to uncontrollable diabetes. When she contacted ISI, her sugar levels were abnormal for the first time. In addition, Mrs. R's blood pressure remained high, despite daily intake of two medications to treat this condition. Furthermore, Mrs. R experienced significant problems with her knees. Her PCP and a specialist, who had reviewed her case, informed her that knee replacements might be delayed for many years or indefinitely with a significant weight loss. Given her age, delaying such a surgery would be vital since most replacements last only 15-20 years. At the time of intake, Mrs. R reported a weight of 270 lbs. and a height of 5'5". Mrs. R had participated in numerous diet programs, always giving up after a few weeks due to "frustration at the enormous amount of weight I had to lose." In addition, Mrs. R reported numerous lost days of work due to knee pain and illness.

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Mrs. "K" is a 34-year old female who smoked two packs of cigarettes daily over the past 18 years. Mrs. K had attempted to quit numerous times over the past several years, never abstaining for more than five days due to urges. Recently, Mrs. K had noticed that she was having difficulty with her breathing when walking up more than two stairs or bagging merchandise for customers at her store. Her PCP informed her that smoking was irritating her lungs and esophagus. He warned her that asthma and other breathing problems often developed in smokers. A history of smoking-induced cancer existed in Mrs. K's family.

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Mr. "X" is a middle-aged male with a history of pacemaker placement in 1995. Prior to this time, his heart rate was 170 when performing daily activities such as shaving. During a routine examination with his PCP in May of 1998, he weight 264 lbs at a height of 5'10". In addition, his blood pressure was above the normal range for the first time in his life. His PCP informed him that based on his own history and a family history of heart problems, his heart was "a time bomb waiting to explode." When Mr. X phoned ISI, he stated that he was afraid of his future health. Mr. X was given a risk assessment interview. Results indicated that he was currently at a high risk for heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

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